Saturday, 20 October 2012

An autumn weekend :)

Here are some photos I made with my camera this Friday afternoon in the little Belgian town called Durbuy. It's a very beautiful place with an old castle, traditional Belgian houses and many cute little streets you can walk in. I think this is the perfect place for a relaxing vacation in peace and quiet.I fell in love with the atmosphere and I think that you also will if you visit Durbuy.


 I'm in a very autumn mood those days, so I consider buying some winter decorations for my home. I've already liked some in the store so I'll go get them next week and I'll show you guys in my next blogpost. ;)
So enjoy your free time and don't miss any chance to go out for a nice walk into the golden nature.
Hugs :))

Friday, 12 October 2012

Home, sweet home...and some shopping ^^

So, as I promised in my last blogpost here are the photos I made from my little studio, some decorations I bought for making it a really nice place. :)

So yeah...I also did some nice shopping today, the pink sweaters I love so much can be found at H&M, a shop I really love. I also bought this silver sparkling nail polish from Claire's.
Next week I will show you the other stuff I got today. Now I'm tired so I'm just gonna enjoy this evening with a nice movie and a Belgian beer. :)
Hugs and kisses :p

Here I am! :)

Hallo, everyone!
I'm really sorry I haven't been here for so long.
So here are a couple of photos I made during my stay in Belgium.

I'll show you some photos from my home in the next post. So I wish you a happy friday evening!
Kisses  xx