Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all my blog readers! :)
I want to wish you happy holidays and let all of your days be bright and beautiful like the Christmas trees you can see shinning in every house :)
My Christmas tree this year is quite big and it's absolutely real! :) I love real Christmas trees because they smell like woods. I have more then 150 Christmas toys and all kinds of decoration and it was quite difficult to put them all on the tree all by myself :D

 One of my Christmas dishes with a snowman on it <3

And my Little Christmas tree lamp <3 it shines in different colours and it's really amazing :)

Hope you have fun! :)

Sunday, 23 December 2012

Nail pearls

Hallo my dear ones,

In this post I want to tell you about those amazing little pearls especially for nails. I bought them from Claire's two weeks ago. I'm very happy we have this store in Leuven, I can always find some nice accessories and cosmetics which are not expensive :)

Unfortunately those mini pearls don't last for long at all - two days and they're almost all gone :X you need to be very careful when you have them on your nails.
Otherwise, I love them because I find the idea of nail pearls quite original. So girls, if you need to be unique just for one evening (party, dinner or whatever...), don't hesitate, it's nice :)

Thank you very much for reading. Wish you a happy vacation :) kisses

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Cold weather outfit - fur hats

Cold weather outfit

Oasis belted coat, $140 / Faux fur hat, $26 / Wedge heel shoes

As you saw in my previous entry, I'm crazy about furry hats, I think they're quite warm in the cold winter weather. Believe me its worth it! Of course some people always stare at me in the street when I'm wearing my hat (I'm with it on  my profile picture), but that makes me feel even better ;) You can wear it in a combination with a coat (beware, not a jacket, in most of the cases that just doesn't look good). It looks quite classy and makes you feel like a sophisticated lady.
I almost forgot to write an entry about my new favourite handbags I bought recently :)
Last Friday I went to Bondhenotenlaan (our shopping street) to buy some stuff because it became colder here and I needed a new thick jacket for the winter. I will also go to Bulgaria a couple of times this winter and it's quite cold over there, so I definitely needed a new jacket :) Unfortunately I couldn't take photos of it.
Anyway, here are some photos of my new handbags.

The first one is my fur H&M bag with studs.

 And of course my black fur gloves (also from H&M)

My black leather bag with studs on it (New Yorker) I was using it the previous days. I bought it during my vacation in Bulgaria, so it's basically and old one ( 3 weeks old :D)

 Finally there's a picture of my stylish purple bag from Tally Weijl ^^ I haven't used it yet but I'm sure I will do it soon ;)

Thanks for reading guys and have a nice day wherever you are :)

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Wish list or Autumn - Winter fashion ideas

Autumn - Winter fashion ideas

Jacket / Element Pearl Knitted Dress Black, $87 / Handbag / Chinese Laundry Boots - Chinese Laundry Milana Boots - Black

Hey guys,
I'm very glad that I'm making again a competition entry again. This time I participate in the Surfdome Christmas competition. The rules are very simple. You have to create a wish list with some items from Surfdome you like (max £250 ). Post what your choice on your blog and you're in ;))

I decided that the whole outfit should be in black this time. Some of you may say that this is very dark and depressing, but those days I feel like wearing black - it's just simple and classy. I also created this outfit because you can wear it in many occasions - from work to party. :))
As I live in Belgium now, the winter is not that cold as in Bulgaria so I'm able to wear dresses and short coats. The wedges were always very comfortable and elegant for me, I love wedges.

The best thing is that I didn't exceed the price of 250 pounds ;))
I wish everyone good luck.
Have a nice day, all of you!

Oh...and by the way, you can enter here
Sincerely yours,
Vicky :)

Monday, 12 November 2012

Disco nails

 Today I decided to do an entry about manicure because I'm really in love with nail polish :) Aaaaaaaand...my two silver nail polishes I bought from H&M (they're in my previous post) yeeeeei. They're quite cheap and I was totally surprised by the great colour they gave to my nails. First I used the sparkling silver polish and then the sparkling glitter one. I finished by putting on some more silver from my Claire's #17 on top.

Also my little box with glitter nail polishes. As you can see this season I'm obsessed <3

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Some cosmetics and stuff ;)

Hey, guys :)
Today I had so much work to do so finally I decided to go to H&M (one of my favourite brands) to make me feel better. I bought an awesome black scarf for the winter, I'm sorry I didn't make picture but you'll wait a bit for that, right? :P
I also bought some cheep cosmetic like two silver nail polishes, a pink petals body splash and a wonderful velvet berry lipbalm <3

The lipbalm is so awesome, it makes my lips pale and soft and it smells like the nicest thing on Earth

Also some pictures from my home and my nails :)

Enjoy your day ;)

Saturday, 20 October 2012

An autumn weekend :)

Here are some photos I made with my camera this Friday afternoon in the little Belgian town called Durbuy. It's a very beautiful place with an old castle, traditional Belgian houses and many cute little streets you can walk in. I think this is the perfect place for a relaxing vacation in peace and quiet.I fell in love with the atmosphere and I think that you also will if you visit Durbuy.


 I'm in a very autumn mood those days, so I consider buying some winter decorations for my home. I've already liked some in the store so I'll go get them next week and I'll show you guys in my next blogpost. ;)
So enjoy your free time and don't miss any chance to go out for a nice walk into the golden nature.
Hugs :))

Friday, 12 October 2012

Home, sweet home...and some shopping ^^

So, as I promised in my last blogpost here are the photos I made from my little studio, some decorations I bought for making it a really nice place. :)

So yeah...I also did some nice shopping today, the pink sweaters I love so much can be found at H&M, a shop I really love. I also bought this silver sparkling nail polish from Claire's.
Next week I will show you the other stuff I got today. Now I'm tired so I'm just gonna enjoy this evening with a nice movie and a Belgian beer. :)
Hugs and kisses :p

Here I am! :)

Hallo, everyone!
I'm really sorry I haven't been here for so long.
So here are a couple of photos I made during my stay in Belgium.

I'll show you some photos from my home in the next post. So I wish you a happy friday evening!
Kisses  xx

Monday, 10 September 2012

I decided to paint my nails...

...in different colours. ^^ You may know that recently I became obsessed with golden nail polish. So I bought one with a graffiti effect. I used both 'Catrice' brown and green nail polish. The result was something like a ''jungle style'' which I like pretty much. ^^

P.S. Some golden jewelry is always welcome :))