Monday, 12 November 2012

Disco nails

 Today I decided to do an entry about manicure because I'm really in love with nail polish :) two silver nail polishes I bought from H&M (they're in my previous post) yeeeeei. They're quite cheap and I was totally surprised by the great colour they gave to my nails. First I used the sparkling silver polish and then the sparkling glitter one. I finished by putting on some more silver from my Claire's #17 on top.

Also my little box with glitter nail polishes. As you can see this season I'm obsessed <3


  1. Your nails look so pretty :) x

  2. dziś robię paznokcie:)
    obserwuję i zapraszam do siebie:)

  3. Gorgeous! By the way, I really like that 'Merry Christmas'-ribbon in the corner of your blog. x

    I hope you'll drop by again and wanna follow me :)

  4. Great Colors!! I also love trying out different things on my nails, super fun :)

    If you check out my blog, the "Paint it Colorful" tab at the top has a few shots of the different designs I've played with.

  5. WOW this nails are sooo beautiful ! Love the glitter so much ♥

    I follow you now, maybe follow back if you like mine ?