Sunday, 8 December 2013

This Year Christmas Wishlist

This Year Christmas Wishlist

Et voila! This year's Christmas wishlist :) With all the items I would like to have. An Armani Jeans red bag, the Coco Mademoiselle fragrance (loving it <3), furry boots ( not necessary to be exactly those ones) and a beatiful ring with Swarovski elements.

Chicnova - romance in red

after a long break on my blog ( I have to tell you, guys, that I just gave up on it during one period of time :-( ) now I decided to go on and finally publish an old article. This time it's about my new items from Chicnova - one of my favorite websites where you can find awesome products for a good price. :)

 Cat&stars sheer tides (fell in love with those the moment I saw them). Some people already asked me if I have the starts are inked on my legs and claimed that that cat is an awesome tattoo hahahaha. So if you want to achieve that tattoo effect, you better click on this link and visit Chicnova as soon as possible. :)
Mini Red Printed Skirt - unfortunately no more available after I ordered it (like what ...?). I totally love it cause it looks very chic and it gives that glam/retro effect with its prints. I don't like the fact that they do not sell this anymore cause honestly, guys, I didn't purchaised it just like that, it was one of my favorite products in the store :/

 My new tattoos xaxaxa :D

And my favorite skirt (closer shot) :)

Btw I broke my photocamera :( But probably I'm getting a new one for Christmas so no worries :)

Now I wish you a very nice evening, everyone and before going to bed, don't forget to visit Chicnova :) Just click on the image below ^^

Lots of kisses, 
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