Monday, 9 September 2013

Victoria's Secret fragrance

 Hi, guys :) 
I hope you enjoy the last days of summer. I was in Greece for the holidays and I passed through the free shops on my way back. That's what I got from there  - Victoria's Secret red plum and freesia fragrance. It smells amazing and the package is also great. It's quite difficult to find Victoria's Secret products in that part of Europe so I'm very happy with my newest purchase :)

I hope you have some nice time wherever you are :)



  1. VS is in every mall here in America. They didn't even come into Canada until very recently. I'm rather shocked to see them very cautious to expanding to other countries even though it's ultra-popular over here.

    My fiancee just bought a fragrance from there the other day. One of the VS pink ones though.

  2. Amazing...

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  4. Have it myself, love the scent!
    Thank you for your comment, I've followed you (on here & bloglovin), hope you do the same