Friday, 31 August 2012


Hey, after changing the design of my blog I'm ready for a new post ^^ The header you can see above is designed and made by me. I always use GIMP editor for making stuff like that and I think I'm getting better.
So, let's talk about handmade jewelry. Here are some photos of the things I created for the Aniventure festival tomorrow in Sofia. It's a festival about manga, anime and asian culture at all. I'm really excited and impatient for tomorrow. 

                                       A knitted bracelet with a sleigh bell and a satin ribbon

I have to thank my friend Violeta who gave me many ideas for the jewelry :) She's an artist and her drawings and paintings and really awesome. I'll show you next time. Wait for the photos from the Aniventure.
Hugs and kisses :)

P.S: I couldn't do it without some chocolatee xoxo