Monday, 3 September 2012

Aniventure 2012

My previous entry was about a festival called Aniventure - it's about Japanese manga, anime and Japanese culture at all. First I want to say that these two days I spent there this weekend were the most exhausting days I've had from months. I was there from 8 o'clock in the morning to 8 o'clock in the can imagine :D
But anyway, my friend and me, we had such a great time! Here are the photos I promised to submit


                                                                    Our table

                                                                A poster by my friend

                                                             Totoro sticker <3

                                                           Japanese traditional symbol for moon

Kirigami (Japanese traditional art)
A pair of origami earrings I bought
Another pair of pink earrings in an origami box

Origami bows

Cute notebook stickers

Some other stickers with symbils I bought from a Japanese artist called Twoluco

That's my favourite :)

A magazine about manga and anime

Of course I had to take a shot with a guy from the Cosplay (In that case it's Loki from The Avengers).
Well, the Aniventure is over, now back to real life - start packing for Belgium.
Have a nice day all of you
Hugs and kisses xx

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